Worldwide Tamil Diaspora Condemn Sri Lanka’s Destruction of Mullivaikaal Memorial for Tamil Victims of War

On the eve of the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day we, the Tamil Diaspora organizations across the globe express their unequivocal condemnation of the destruction and desecration of the Mullivaikaal Genocide Memorial in Northern Sri Lanka which was a symbol for reverence and solace for the tens of thousands of Tamils killed by Sri Lankan armed forces in the “no fire zones” in 2009.

The Temple of Solomon is remembered not for its grandiose presence – but for its wanton destruction by the marauding hordes of the Roman legion. The shameful act carried out under strict Covid lockdown and suffocating military presence leaves no doubt on the identity of the perpetrators.

The wanton destruction of the memorial for Tamil war victims in Mullivaikkal three days ago appears to be the response of the heavily militarized Sri Lankan government to the successful passage of the recent UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka. The resolution A/HRC/46/L1 sets up an investigative mechanism under the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the collection, preservation, and assessment of the evidence of gross human rights violations in Sri Lanka to advance accountability and help in future legal proceedings.

The history and the ordeals of an oppressed nation need not necessarily be recorded in print or on the tablets of stone. It is a scar that is carried in the hearts and minds of Tamils, to be passed from generation to generation. The mindless vandalism of this Memorial, and the desecration of the graves in the traditional Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka, will only serve to strengthen the resolve of Tamils everywhere to seek justice.

We call upon the Nation States and international human rights organisations to condemn the inhumane acts of elements associated with the Sri Lanka military and urge the Government of Sri Lanka to respect the right to memorialize.

For more information contact:

M. Manokaran

Chairman – Australian Tamil Congress (ATC)

T: +61 300 660 629



Twitter: @austamilcongres

V. Ravi Kumar
General Secretary, British Tamils Forum (BTF)
T: +44 (0) 7814 486087


Twitter: @tamilsforum


Thiruchchoti Thirukulasingam

La Maison du Tamil Eelam (The Tamil Eelam-France House)

T: +33 652725867


Twitter: @Thiru92110


V. Revichandran
Irish Tamils Forum (ITF)
T: 00353 899592707


Krishanthy Sarojkumaran

Executive Director, National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT)

T: +1.416.830.7703



Steven Pushparajah K

Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (NCET)

T: +47 90 64 16 99


Twitter: @StevenPK10


Pregas Padayachee

Solidarity Group for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka (SGPJ- South Africa)


S. Seetharam

President – United States Tamil Action Group (USTAG)

(formerly USTPAC)

T: +1(202) 595 3123



Twitter: @UstpacAdvocacy

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