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APPG for Tamils

A cross-party support to promote in the House of Commons for a permanent peace with justice. 

International Relations

A team to support the trends towards the second stage of the UNHRC mechanism and to participate in any political process to brings peace and stability to Sri Lanka.  

Human Rights

A team of technical experts, professionals, and victims have been actively involved in HR work to further the HR case in the national and international forum. 

Activist Members in the UK
Events Organised
Local Forums and the representatives of Political Party Support Groups

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I believe Tamil people have suffered from genocide in Sri Lanka and that genocide should be recognised internationally.


I hope there will be a reconciliation, accountability for what has gone before us, what’s happened in the past and long term peace in Sri Lanka. 

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP

We believe that the Tamils have the right to a peaceful political solution but based upon the recognition of their human rights but also the right to self-determination as well.

Rt Hon John McDonnell MP

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If you have any problem personal or as a result of your family suffering in Sri Lanka, please speak to you MP.

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