Socio Economic Empowerment (RRRD)

The British Tamils Forum is also campaigning to rebuild the lives of Tamil people and urge the international community to help with empowering development of our people in the North-East of Sri Lanka. The Tamil representatives in the North and East of Sri Lankan have been calling for direct help from the international Community for the past 6 years since the war ended in 2009.

Empowering development is the only way to engage the war affected Tamil population into a meaningful reconciliation and to help the people of North-East to overcome years of hardship during the war.

BTF has been calling on the Government of Sri Lanka to cooperate with the international community and the Northern and Eastern Provincial Councils to immediately undertake a comprehensive, multilateral ‘needs assessment survey’, as happened in other post-war/disaster situations, to assess the immediate and long term needs of war affected populations and those who are impacted by human rights abuses to assist in the designing and implementation of appropriate short and long term policies and shape budgetary allocations to address the needs of such communities.

Similarly urge the Government of Sri Lanka to undertake appropriate policies to address the intergenerational impact of war and human rights abuses drawing on the lessons from contemporary examples elsewhere.

BTF has identified empowering economic development as an important area where the international community can help Tamil people either directly or facilitate an environment for the Tamil diaspora to get involved in helping the people of North-East of Sri Lanka. Bottlenecks such as bureaucratic controls need to be identified and removed to implement a speedy reconstruction / development process. Powers for the North East Provincial councils to be devolved to enable foreign direct investment and this will encourage diaspora entrepreneurs and other investors to get involved in this process.

Infrastructure Project

  1. Highways, Railways and Bridges in North-East
  2. Point Pedro – Pothuvil Super Highway, Railway track
  3. Rameshwaram (India) – Thalaimannar (North of Sri Lanka) Bridge
  4. International Airports in North East regions – reopening the Palaly Trincomalee Airports as international hubs
  5. KKS Harbour(declared high security zone)
  6. Development of Towns (Town & Country planning)


Direct contact with countries through High Commission in the North and East (Indian High Commission already has a branch in Jaffna)

  1. British High Commission’s branch
  2. US High Commission’s branch
  3. Canadian High Commission’s branch
  4. Australian High Commission’s branch


Direct financial help to establish small household business and livelihood ventures (Micro finance)

Vocational training for youth to find employments in the region

  1. Service sector
  2. Capacity Building

Free Trade Zone near Mannar and Trincomalee

Development of Agriculture and fisheries sectors in the North East

IT sector development in Trincomalee and Batticaloa.

The British Tamils Forum is engaged in further research in this area and we will have up to date information in the near future.


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