BTF advocacy team is working to promote and share up to date information on the struggle of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. We are committed to work through the democratic frame work and the laws in the UK to campaign for peace with justice and dignity for Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

BTF as an independent, nongovernmental, non-party political and a grassroots community organisation, engage with the UK government, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, all political parties, NGOs, academics, trade unions, faith groups and other community groups in the UK and around the world.

BTF organises numerous events in and around Westminster, to engage with decision makers, MPs, MEPs, Lords and others to discuss and share information on current situation for Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

We are working with all stakeholders including the NGOs to deliver an international accountability process to address the alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and a crime of genocide against Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

We also advocate for a political settlement that recognises the right to self-determination of Tamil people within the democratic framework underpinned by the international laws, covenants and conventions.

BTF has been working with the grassroots Tamil Community activists to encourage them to engage with the MPs and the political party branches at constituency level and to raise awareness to the problems faced by the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

BTF as secretariat of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils’ have been collectively engaging with MPs at a cross party level to win support to address the grievances of Tamil Community in relation to the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka.

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