International Relations

BTF’s International Relation Team:

BTF’s International Relation team concept developed in May 2014, in order to support the trends towards second stage of UN mechanism, Also to participate in any political solutions process to see a lasting political solution that brings peace and stability to the island of Sri Lanka. Our work could specified into two separate entities, they as follow:

  1. Second Stage of UN Mechanism ( United Nations New York)
  2. Political Process / Political Road Map.


Second Stage of UN Mechanism (Untied Nation New York)

Our primary objects were based on establishing accountability process through an International mechanism. We have channelled our resources through BTF’s Human Rights team since 2009, BTF’s HR team substantially contributed towards bringing our case to international arena and coordinated very well with other stake holders.

Due to limitations within Human Rights council, we have pushed towards exploring other avenues to channel the investigation to next level. Please see below for the viable options.

  • Human Rights council could refer GOSL to comply with ICC protocol (This can be a recommendation, but GOSL can easily turn down the request due to SL in not signatory to ICC treaty), further pressure need political will through economic sanction or sheer pressure from a power house.
  • Human Rights council could refer the case to be conducted on international tribunal court, but the mandate has to come from Security Council.
  • Human Rights council could refer the case to General Assembly for further discussion.
  • Human Rights council could refer the case to setup a Hybrid Mechanism, which also need political will through Security Council.
  • The worst case scenario Human Rights Council request GOSL to conduct local commission of inquiry (We hope this never Happen).

We can clearly identify the importance for first four of the viable cases are require political will and next level engagement through United Nations New York (General Assembly and Security Council).

Political Process / Political Road Map:

To see a lasting political solution that brings peace and stability to the island of Sri Lanka, it is important that a state of normalcy is brought back to the traditional Tamil homeland in the North-East within the deferral period of the OHCHR report on Sri Lanka. To foster a permanent political solution, it is imperative to recognize the Tamil nation’s right to self-determination in the island. To further add context to the current situation, we would also like to refer you a resolution that was unanimously passed by the democratically elected Northern Provincial Council (NPC) earlier this year. The NPC urged the international community to act to investigate and stop the on-going genocide of the Tamil people on the island. To achieve this work with sovereign states who are genuinely interested in addressing the root cause and finding permanent political solutions for Tamils. The work includes finding common gals among Tamils Diaspora and setting up “Road Map” to achieve our end goals by democratic means.

Team Structure:

BTF International Relations Team structure, Project Divisions and Reporting Mechanism

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