Our Work

BTF is working on numerous projects within the UK as well as around the world. Our works are primarily focused on the following:

  • Transitional Justice Mechanism to address war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crimes of genocide against Tamil people in Sri Lanka;
  • Empowering Economic Development to rebuild lives and restore the livelihoods of the Tamil people who need economic empowerment to emerge from the devastation caused by the war and the continuing state aggression;
  • Political Settlement to address the root cause of the ethnic conflict that recognises the right to self-determination of Tamil people in Sri Lanka.


We campaign for setting up an international justice mechanism to deliver truth and justice against war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crimes of genocide committed against Tamil people in Sri Lanka and to end the entrenched culture of impunity in the Sri Lankan institutions including the judiciary;

Campaigning to end suppression of free speech and free media;

Providing up-to-date information on political and economic conditions of the Tamil people in order to help them establish an empowering development to the Tamil regions, in the island of Sri Lanka;

Work with the international community in order to urge the Sri Lankan Government to open up the ports and transport links in the North-East with the rest of the world;

Campaign for addressing the immediate needs of the people in the North-East of the island of Sri Lanka;

Campaign for ending militarisation, land grabs and Sinhalisation in the North-East, and for the return of all the lands taken over by the military and state sponsored colonisers, to their rightful owners. All displaced people must be resettled in their places of origin;

Campaign for repealing the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience held in secret locations and known detention centres;

Campaign for the release of a comprehensive list of detainees surrendered or arrested during the last phase of the war (Names, whereabouts of their detention centre, if released, when, to whom and where they were released);

Campaign to gain unfettered access to the victims, witnesses and former war zone for forensic investigation;

Campaign to give the detainees, immediate access to lawyers and legal process;

Provide legal support to the Victims and Witnesses;

Conduct Media campaigns to bring worldwide awareness of the rights violations in the North East of the island;

Engage with moderate and like-minded Sinhalese organisations and civil society in the South of Sri Lanka to exchange ideas of peace building to create conditions in order to commence discussions between the Sinhala and the Tamil nations for a permanent end to the oppression against Tamil people;

Working with the Tamil people around the world and representatives of the Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka to address the root cause to the ethnic conflict;

Working with and campaigning at the UN for the recognition of the Tamil people’s right to Self-determination and for a permanent political settlement to address the root cause to the ethnic conflict in the island of Sri Lanka.

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