Who can join BTF?

Any Tamil aged 18 or over residing in the UK is eligible to become the member of the British Tamils Forum provided he or she has not been convicted of any offences in the UK (motor traffic offences excluded) or any serious criminal charge is spending against him or her. Please see the membership form attached.

Why should I join?

The British Tamils Forum is working to bring awareness to the people of the United Kingdom and the International Community on the issues affecting Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

We are also working for a lasting peace and security through a permanent political settlement to the Tamil national question by recognising the Tamil people’s right to self-determination and self-rule in their Homeland in the North-East of the island of Sri Lanka.

As a grassroots community organisation, we exclusively rely on funding from our members, supporters and well-wishers in the UK and around the world to achieve our objectives.

How much is it and where does the money goes?

The annual subscription for membership is twenty pounds (£20) and becomes payable on the first day of April of that accounting year. The subscription fee for Annual Membership will be reviewed each year in the Annual General Meeting.

The life membership subscription is one hundred pound (£100) and payable on the day of joining as a life member of the British Tamils Forum.

Time to time the British Tamils Forum shall request our members and supporters for voluntary contributions in addition the subscription fee to achieve our objects.

All donations by our members and supporters will be used for the cost of running the organisation and delivering our projects.

What do I do for being a member?

You can help to end the genocidal crimes committed against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State by taking small steps that will make a big difference to our people who are still suffering under the Sri Lankan Military occupation.

Join our advocacy team and meet your Member of Parliament, educating friends and family, participating in events or generating coverage in the media to expose the crime of genocide against Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Your help is extremely important to build the grassroots mobilisation across the UK and it will support to end the ongoing suffering of Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

As a member, where do I go next?

It is only through your dedication, and the support of members like you, that BTF can remain effective in delivering the objectives of our organisation.

Since 2010, BTF transformed into a nonpartisan, grassroots community organisation representing the collective voice of the Tamil Community in the UK, by bringing together individuals and Tamil organisations in a bottom-up structure, governed along the principles of participatory democracy. Tamil people living across the length and breadth of the UK participate in BTF through their Constituency Tamils Forum by electing their representatives annually to the National Assembly of BTF.

You will be contacted by the nearest Constituency Tamils Forum coordinator and join the activities locally, as well you can also get involved through our projects directly and through our head office.

Membership Form

To join please complete the membership form and send to: British Tamils Forum, Unit 1, Fountayne Business Centre, Broad lane, London N15 4AG. Please get your BTF local area coordinator’s information by emailing to info@britishtamilsforum.org or call 020 8808 3224

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