BTF has been engaged in a joint advocacy programme with Tamil Diaspora organisations, the representatives of Tamil people form Sri Lanka, international NGOs and civil society organisations to engage with the member states of UN Human Rights Council to seek their political support and to raise the priority level of Sri Lankan issue in the Council.

BTF genuinely believe in Human Rights for all people and call on the government of Sri Lanka to end any ongoing violations in the country.

To address the history of violations of human rights and the international law, Sri Lanka must work with the international community and investigate all crimes including war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide against Tamil speaking people in the country.

We believe that only an international independent justice mechanism can deliver the whole truth and justice to the crimes against victims.

If Sri Lanka fails to keep its promises to implement the recommendations in the resolution and address the accountability issues in the country, then it is the responsibility of the UN Human Rights Council and core group countries which brought this resolution to refer Sri Lanka to the international criminal court.

Our Current focus on human rights work:

Our focus is on the implementation OHCHR report and the resolution in the UN Human Rights Council. The whole process has to be victims centric and they need to play an important role in the Justice process.

We call on the Sri Lankan government to release the existing detail of those surrendered or arrested and detained, so that victims are able to find out if their loved ones are on that list accounted by the government.

We call on the Sri Lankan government to review and reform domestic law to allow for prosecution of a full range of crimes under international customary law.

Any selection of Judges, Prosecutors Investigators should involve core groups and EU so that selection from “Commonwealth” has to be more appointments from “Canada, UK” and Foreign to be from EU, USA etc. Also if there are any appointments which will bring the process into disrepute should be consulted and stopped.

BTF calls on the UK government and the international community, to monitor the entire process in design, implementation and review of this hybrid mechanism very closely, so that the victim have confidence in receiving justice and will come forward to give witness.

Witness protection must be proved to all victims affected by the entire conflict either they are in the county or abroad to come forward to give witness without any fear of prosecution to themselves or to their families and friends.

We have also been engaged with Human Rights working groups: Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and Working Group on the use of mercenaries.

We have been working with the APPG for Tamils and International NGOs for a joint advocacy to speak to the member states of the UN Human Rights Council to seek their political support for reports and resolution on Sri Lanka.

BTF has been involved in academic and legal research to establish the case to prove the crime of genocide against the Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka.

Key success stories so far:

Built working relationships with the UN member states

Built Working relationship with the UN Human Rights Secretariat

Enhancing technical skills and knowledge sharing activities in the field of advocacy and diplomacy

Represent Tamil Community in every sessions of the UN Human Rights council since 2008
Due to the sensitive nature of this project, the further details are not disclosed on our website, but we invite for support and help from the wider public.

Human Resources:

To be effective and successful we are seeking people with the rights skills in the following areas:

Language skills: English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and Russian

Research skills: In the area of political and international diplomacy

Negotiating skills: Skilled negotiators

Networking and contacts:

In this world of politics and diplomacy networking is essential to reach out to the right people who can make a difference. We have established network of people around the world through our community, International NGOs, Civil Society representatives and the member states within the UN Human Rights Council but there are still many others yet to be reached.

We need people who have contacts with political circles in any the member states within the UN Human Rights Council.

In our day to day life, we come into contact with different nationalities in London during work and leisure activities. If you are one of those people, who know someone, who has connections to political circles of their country of origin, we need your help. These connections will help us to gain easy cost effective access to these diplomats and politicians.

Please come forward and talk to us if you can help on this respect. Your anonymity will be guaranteed.

For further details:


Telephone: +44(0)20 8808 0465

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