Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka – Senthil Kumar from the British Tamils Forum at the 39th UNHRC in Geneva. 

Friday, Sept. 14th 2018

ID with SR on Transitional Justice

Pasumai Thaayagam extent our welcome to Special Rapporteur Mr Fabio Salvioli and express our confidence that his wealth of experience will greatly benefit the Human Rights Council and transitional justice processes around the world.  We also welcome and thank Mr Adam Dieng undersecretary and special advisor to the secretary general on the prevention of genocide for his work on prevention and monitoring Sri Lanka’s progress”.

“We are sure that, building on the work of his predecessor, the Mr Salvioli will continue to devote attention to faltering transitional justice processes in Sri Lanka”.

“As we continue to observe minimal implementation of commitments made, through this very council, to the victims and the international community, we urge Mr Salvioli to redouble efforts to ensure that multiple obstacles are overcome with the urgency required to deliver accountability for gross human rights violations, provide truth and redress for victims, and address the root causes of the long-standing conflict to prevent recurrence”.

“Both of you highlighted the negative impact of impunity, In Sri Lanka impunity for past atrocities continues to violate the rights of victims and survivors today. Both the reputation and success of the Human Rights Council requires keeping the adequate resolution of past abuses in Sri Lanka on its agenda”.

“We urge Mr Salvioli and Mr Dieng to remain fully involved with the Sri Lankan transitional justice process, and providing Council members with an analysis of progress, weaknesses, and obstacles as a basis for review and a new resolution – next March. Justice delayed cannot be Justice denied”.

Thank you.

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