The British Tamils Forum (BTF), as a part of its 13th anniversary Mullivaikkal genocide remembrance convened in Trafalgar Square, London on 18 May 2022, organised an exhibition exhibiting more than fifty displays showing the history of violence, which gradually developed into genocide of Tamil people over the past seven decades.

After exhibited the same in Geneva during UNHRC Sessions in September 2021 and March 2022, the BTF exhibited it third time, though it has been the first in London itself free for the public.

There were about twenty devoted young volunteers, sharing the displays among them and were guiding and explaining to the people in details wherever required.

The Facts and Figures provided on every display was very comprehensive and many people from different walks of life viewed the exhibition with very enthusiasm. Lots of non-Tamil people were reading them, asking questions from volunteering team members and taking photos of the displays on their mobile phones.

The first display started with the illustration of the introduction of Sinhala Only Act in 1956, with then government’s premediated of suppressing Tamil people by deploying military camps in Tamil areas when Tamil people revolted against the Sinhala Only Act. The cycles of violence continued periodically since then, with increased intensity of violence each time it occurred.

There were facts and figures obtained from reliable sources, quoting unwarranted high concentration military deployment in Tamil homeland continues even after 13 years of the end of the war, causing Tamil people to live with constant fear of intimidation, arrest, detention, torture and even death under the pretext of the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

There were displays about the Militarisation in civilian life, Atrocity crimes committed by the state security forces under the guises of the PTA against the journalists and human rights defenders, Enforced disappearances, Demographic change in Tamil homeland, Declining Tamil population, Land grabbing in Tamil homeland and Proliferating Buddhist structures in Tamil homeland, to show how Tamil people have been vigorously targeted in a calculated manner to dismantle their nationhood.

The exhibits also included with the graphs with statistical data showing Sri Lanka’s causes and effects of current financial crises, for which the Chinese influence has been a crucial factor. Several displays portrayed how Chinese influence ruined Sri Lanka to its current plight.

While the penultimate display emphasised the application of the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime Act against the war criminals in Sri Lanka, the final display ended with the Way Forward of Accountability and Justice in Sri Lanka, reinforcing the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime Act, Stopping Unethical Trading with Sri Lanka and a Political Solution for Tamil People in Sri Lanka.

The contents of this exhibition have been collated, dissected and produced as a book, “Tamil Genocide Intensifies in Sri Lanka with Chinese Influence” with a three-page Foreword providing some core information for the academics, researchers and the public.

Considering the strategic importance of the book, this book was released by the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Deputy Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils RT Hon Sir Edward Davey MP on the stage of the 13th Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day itself. Subsequently, the copies of this were provided to all British parliamentarians and other dignitaries.

The BTF conveys its sincere gratitude to all participants, volunteers, the general public and City of London for making this event a successful one.

Please use the link below to access and download the publication “TAMIL GENOCIDE INTENSIFIES IN SRI LANKA WITH CHINESE INFLUENCE”. Tamil Genocide Intensifies in Sri Lanka with Chinese Influence – British Tamils Forum

The Video at: https://youtu.be/QZXwLSHYlXM

For further and better information, please feel free to contact BTF.

Thank you.

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