BTF Statement to the 3rd informal session on Sri Lanka, 51st session UNHRC, Geneva

Dear Delegates

Objective Political Climate and Human Rights

We submit that political climate and human rights are inseparable twins and human rights abuses are the product of oppressive governance, a fact well recognised by the member states of the UN.

Economic Crimes and Human Rights

Article 04 of the resolution 60/251, adopted by the General Assembly mandates the council “to enhance the promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development”. Therefore, it is obvious that economic rights and economic crimes can be raised in this council.

Victims’ centric justice is delayed forever

Many thousands of victim families have been waiting in vain, for over 13 years, to get justice from this council, having reposed their faith in it. Even though mountains of credible evidence have been collected by the UN system, it is regretted that to date there is not a single criminal justice prosecution anywhere in the world.

Non Recurrence

Addressing underlying governance factors and root causes that have contributed to the current economic collapse, including largely unresolved historical injustices, cycles of violence, deepening militarization, genocide, lack of accountability in governance and impunity for serious human rights violations and abuses is essential for reconciliation and nonrecurrence.

Lack of measurable progress by the Government of Sri Lanka on their commitments to the International community of a political solution to the ethnic conflict has been already flagged in this council.


We request the states to address the underlying causes of the crisis, including impunity for human rights violations and economic crimes by pursuing a number of options to advance accountability at the international level, and request UNHRC to pursue the prosecution of the available emblematic cases through appropriate mechanisms; and to refer through the General Assembly to establish an International criminal justice mechanism for Sri Lanka.

We request the International Community to work towards a negotiated political solution for the Tamil people through international arbitration and to undertake to implement it in Sri Lanka.



BTF Statement to the 3rd informal session on Sri Lanka, 51st session UNHRC, Geneva

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