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The High Commissioner reports that Sri Lanka’s implementation of resolution 30/1 is ‘worryingly slow.’

“The government’s failure to deliver results is eroding the trust of Tamils and other communities,” said Ravi Kumar, General Secretary of BTF. “It’s breeding disillusionment as to whether there will ever be accountability. The government of Sri Lanka, by cosponsoring the resolution, confirms once again its commitment to fully implement all obligations in resolution 30/1. The international community should not settle for anything less.”

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No Time to Spare: Tamil Community Calls for Concrete Action on Accountability, Reconciliation and End to Human Rights Abuses in Sri Lanka.

(Geneva – 23 March 2017) Today the Human Rights Council adopted a new resolution on Sri Lanka. The United States Political Action Council (USTPAC), British Tamils Forum (BTF), and Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) again call upon the government of Sri Lanka, with the engagement of the international community, to fully implement the commitments made in the October 2015 Council resolution 30/1. These commitments, including for accountability and political reform, are reaffirmed in today’s resolution.

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69th Sri Lankan Independence day and the plight of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

Today Sri Lankan state celebrates its 69thyear of Independence from the British colonial rule, but it is not a day celebrated by the Tamil people in the island. The Tamil people who constitute a Nation had their own independent sovereignty before the colonial era. When the colonial rule ended in 1948, a system of governance thrust upon the Tamil nation by the departing British rulers at the time, made the Tamil people a permanent “minority” in a combined entity then known as Ceylon. The Sinhalese who had numerical superiority in the combined entity had become the new colonial masters of the Tamil people and continue to exercise domination over the Tamil nation. Giving supremacy to Sinhalese and Buddhism they had continued to deny equality and freedom to the non-Sinhalese.

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#USTPAC and #BTF call on the Swiss authorities to detain #Sisira_Mendis

Mr. Sisira Mendis, Director of Sri Lanka’s Centre for National Intelligence in the Ministry of Defence, is currently in Geneva as part of a delegation to defend the government of Sri Lanka’s adherence to the Convention Against Torture before the UN Committee Against Torture. According to the report of the UN’s #OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka, Mr. Mendis had command responsibility over police units known to routinely practice torture during the final period of the Sri Lankan civil war.

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Keep victims at the centre of Justice, Truth and Reparation Efforts – Amnesty International

In 2015, Sri Lanka co-sponsored Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1 Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.1 There have been positive developments since then, including increased openness to engage with Special Procedures. However, slow progress in delivering on many aspects of the ambitious agenda coupled with lack of transparency has led some victims and human rights defenders to express frustration.

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