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Our people and our nation deserve genuine #Accountability & #Justice.

Don’t forget our courageous brothers and sisters who gave their life for our motherland. If we are sincere, sacrifice our sleep, sacrifice our comforts, sacrifice our enjoyment, at least sacrifice small things, don’t put the blame conveniently on others, don’t try to find fault in other organisations, don’t point our fingers on anyone and say traitors, because none of us qualify to do that.

We are fighting against a state which is protected by powerful states and institutions. Genuine commitment is required from every Tamil. Without contributing time and energy you can’t expect others to accomplish difficult tasks. All are volunteers, all activists have the same problem as you. Let’s unite and dedicate our time more on winning friends in our host countries , win friends in powerful institutions, win friends in media, win friends in political parties, win Human rights defenders
Others have to speak for Tamils. This is the success story in the U.K. Why don’t we try this in many other countries where #Tamils live?

Otherwise we keep complaining UN, international community, other organisations and individuals. Our expectations are high but our participation is regrettably low. How can we expect a much better outcome?

This is the reality.

While keeping our agenda at #UNHRC, a road map with clear time frame, more ground based monitoring by UN high commissioner office, more frequent reporting by UN high commissioner will eventually give a severe blow to Sri Lankan diplomacy.

Calling UNHRC member countries to refer #SriLanka to UN General Assembly/ Security Council requires majority of the countries’ endorsement. No need to blame the past but start working your country’s support.

If we work hard and smart, everything is possible.


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